Our Mission

The Nevada County All Veterans Stand Down is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Veteran Benefit Organization located in Grass Valley, California, and is not organized for the private gain of any one person. Our main purpose is to educate and inform of resources and help provide services to any eligible U.S. Military veteran, senior veterans, disabled veterans, veteran’s spouses and dependents; without regard to race, color, national origin, creed, age, sex or religion.

Stand Down is a term used during war to describe the practice of removing combat troops from the field and taking care of their basic needs in a safe area.

The Nevada County Veteran Stand Down hosts an amazing event every year. Service providers and veteran-friendly businesses attend to offer services, and make Veterans feel welcomed and supported. In addition to the Annual Stand Down our organization does amazing work helping veterans in our community. We realize that while an annual event is helpful, extending services to veterans throughout the entire year is also a much needed resource.


From counseling with a chaplain, to food & clothing for veterans in need, NCAVSD is there all year to support our veteran community with the many needs they have. It is an all volunteer organization, no one is paid, so any and all donations go to the veteran community.

Assistance we provide to veterans & families:

  • emergency food, clothing, medical, rehabilitation, medical transportation, and life altering financial assistance

  • meals and shelter information for homeless veterans & family members

  • information on counseling and other services for eligible veteran & family members at local, state and federal level

* * * Mark your calendar - October 18 & 19 * * *

Stand Down 2019

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If you are a resident of Nevada or Sierra county in California, register here for our upcoming 2019 Stand Down event and let us know how we can help.


Highlights from last year’s Stand Down

Our Logo Explained


IGY6 stands for I Got Your Six (six o'clock, means back). The colors also carry a meaning. Teal is for PTSD awareness, black is for the heavy hearts that many of us carry, those who suffer from PTSD and those who have lost loved ones to suicide because of PTSD. The red is a symbol of the blood that has been shed. If you see someone wearing this symbol, know that they will help you. It is a way of saying that if you are thinking about taking your life, PAUSE, it is not time to end it, someone has got your back and will help you through it and stand by your side