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Will Buck

Will Buck

“Stand Down is open to ALL veterans, male and female, combat veterans or those who never deployed. If you wore a uniform in service to the armed forces, taking that solemn oath to “protect and defend”, YOU are invited. Bring your family spouse, your kids, or just a friend.
I have been asked by many veterans, “I am not homeless or at risk of being homeless, so why would I need to attend the Stand Down”? First, there are multiple resources available at the Stand Down, like food and clothing for those in need. But there are also resources there like a CalVet representative, college representatives, service organizations (Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Marine Corps League, and The Women Veteran Alliance, among others). You can learn about benefits, programs, job fairs, even get free one-on-one advice from someone on how to properly repair your credit (so you can apply for that CalVet home loan you just found out about). Most importantly, why EVERY veteran should come out, is to meet other local veterans. Network and regain that camaraderie that we felt we lost when we hung up our uniforms, DD-214 in hand. You may also meet that veteran who has the thousand yard stare and pull that brother or sister out of the darkness. Remember, currently 22 veterans are committing suicide every day and that number only comes from the 21 States that report veteran suicides to appropriate federal agencies. California, Texas, and New York DO NOT report, so estimates range between 30 and 40 veteran suicides daily (depending on what source cited). Our mission as veterans should be to police another up and bring that number to ZERO!”

CW2 William J Buck
US Army, Retired
Nevada County All Veterans Stand Down


Leave No One Behind...

NCAVSD recognizes the need of our local veterans and was founded to provide an outreach program for homeless veterans and a helping hand to veterans in need. Today there are more than 200 Stand Down organizations across the U.S. modeled after the original Stand Down, Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD).

One of NCAVSD longtime volunteers tells his story...

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